GO FIND 'EM!     ~ Evangelists 


Just like ball teams send out scouts to recruit other quality players, Jesusm the owner of Team-Life, desires that we do the same. The "scouts" will learn how to attract these valuable players to the owner... to play on HIS team! 

You will feel really good about your role and making team LIFE a huge success in the Kingdom!




Connect 'Em!  ~ Pastor/Teacher


"Belong, Believe and Become" is our motto. Getting those who have just "signed on" to really understand who they are, what the owner (Jesus) has done for them, and just how loved and accepted they are is cruical to creating an empowered and healthy team! 

H.I.M.'s training camp will set new believers on a trajectory that will cause them to win! 



Grow "em! ~ Pastor/Teacher


A series of truths that will change your world! 

I fyou really want to be on the Jesus team and represent Jesus well, we've got to nail the "LOVE" and "HONOR" thing! this four part (4 bases) training track will majorly affect every area of your life that involves people.  The materials for this track are available in our Lending Library or you may purchase them for your library!



Empower 'Em! ~ Prophet


We're big around here on the five fold ministry, Apostles Prophets, Evangelists, Teachers and Pastors. In management training you will train all the way through impartation and apprenticeship. 



We're also big on the "7 Mountain Theory."  Taking abck the pillars of society for Jesus. These are: Religion, Family, Education, Media, Business, Government and Arts & Entertainment. Additional training and apprenticing on these important cultural influences to bring them back under Kingdom rule.  



Launch 'Em! ~ Apostle 


...But still connected!!!  

You may be launched into ministry within H.I.M. or outside of H.I.M. or a combination of the two. Our second motto is "Your success is our honor!" and we MEAN it! 

Nothing is as valuable to us as seeing you fulfill your purpose and destiny! Whether full time ministry of volunteering in the church we will support you, pray for you and assist you in a multitude of ways. Nothing in life is as rich as building teams that will build teams for Christ! 


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